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imgdl: Version History


This update fixes an issue where the download complete message box would appear after each album download for some users. This was cumbersome when downloading multiple albums. This message box has been removed completely.


  • Removed 'download complete' message entirely.

New Features

  • None


This update fixes an issue where imgdl was not properly removing invalid characters from the album title. The download directory creation based on that title would fail and not properly give an error as to why


  • Fixed invalid character stripping/replacing in album title.

New Features

  • None


This update adds another image hosting site to the list of available sites to download


  • Fixed the connection issue downloading any album.

New Features

  • None


This update adds another image hosting site to the list of available sites to download


  • None

New Features

  • Added to download site list

v0.45 - 01/18/2015

A user brought to my attention that imgdl may have been duplicating images during downloads. This was a result of a code change that put into place recently. This issue has been resolved.


  • Fixed images being downloaded twice.

New Features

  • None


This update fixes two issues. First, user Mighty442 found the holy grail of albums with a whopping 7000+. This put all the previous calculations out of bounds. Now, although unrealistic, a petabyte-sized album can be downloaded.

Second, when a user added the full url for a album, it was not stripping the code properly.


  • Download size can now range into gigabytes.
  • Proper stripping of urls.

New Features

  • None


This update fixes two issues. The first issue caused a downloading stall when it encountered a blank album. The second adjusts function that strips all non-essential characters from the code/url.


  • Will now properly strip non-code characters from the url/code.
  • Will skip over blank albums and move on to the next without stalling.

New Features

  • None


This update adds the website to the list of sources that users can download images from. My goal is to add more sites as time goes on. If you have any suggestions for sites please send me a message.


  • None

New Features

  • Added the ability to download albums and user galleries from


This updates fixes bugs with file names, 404 errors and adds zero-fill numbering to filenames.


  • Fixed file naming. There were some issues while naming downloaded files while using numbering and in some instances without but using image titles as file name.
  • Fixed some issues where the album/gallery you were attempting to download returned a 404 error. This has been addressed.

New Features

  • Added zero-filling numbering of files to keep naming uniform. So if you have 20 images to download it would be 01,,02,03 etc. If you have 1000 files it would be 0001,0002,0003. Thank you to Jordan Taylor for the heads up and suggestion.
  • Added tooltips for the input boxes (Path and Code). This should eliminate some confusion for people until I can create a help file.


This is a significant update in regards to backend coding. This code base has been transitioned to an object oriented foundation. This is the groundwork for incorporating other image sites for downloading. If you can think of any sites that you would like incorporated into imgdl, please let me know!

If you feel you like this app and get use enough out of it them please consider my hardware fund. This donation will help fund a Mac for me to develop on so I can port projects like this onto OS X. Currently I am on the road most days. 100% of development happens on my laptop. The donation is optional of course. There are no restrictions placed on this or any future version of imgdl based on it.


  • Fixed the message when saving in options that said the program needed to be restarted when you did not change the autocomplete. This was affected when you changed the download path.

New Features

  • Rearranged Options menu. First to add more options, but also to group similar options better.
  • Option to name images the title as it is on imgur. If there is a title, it will use it. If not it will default to the imgur hash
  • Option to use album title on imgur as download folder name. If there is no title, the name will default to the imgur album hash.
  • Option to auto create download directory. This will eliminate the popup that says the folder does not exist.
  • Added the ability to quickly switch between Single Albums and User Galleries by clicking on the Download Type label.

  • Replaces the percentage label with a download size label. The percentage seemed redundant to me. The download size I feel is more informative.


This is a significant update in regards to backend coding. This code base has been transitioned to an object oriented foundation. This is the groundwork for incorporating other image sites for downloading. If you can think of any sites that you would like incorporated into imgdl, please let me know!

You will also notice I have added a 'Donate' button to the program. This donation will help fund a Mac for me to develop on so I can port projects like this onto OS X. Currently I am on the road most days. 100% of development happens on my laptop. The donation is optional of course. There are no restrictions placed on this or any future version of imgdl based on it. If you feel you like this app and get use enough out of it them please consider my hardware fund.


  • Fixed some bugs that were causing exceptions for some users
  • Fixed two threading issues that would cause the program to crash in some instances.
  • Fixed the 'Cross Thread Call' issue. Now all UI related requests are handled on the UI thread exclusively.

New Features

  • New 'Options' menu
  • Added a 'Message of the Day' window to display relevant messages from me. This will include news about updates etc.
  • Option for turning 'Auto Complete' on full time instead of just when the download directory is predefined
  • Added option for retaining download folder info after download
  • Added option for using User Albums on at startup
  • Added percentage label for downloads


This update fixes a parsing issue when users attempted to download images from /gallery/.


  • Minor bug fix

New Features

  • None


This update is a minor release. Hoping to fix a couple of nagging bugs and a new bug that seems to be cropping up for Windows 7 users.


  • Minor bug fixes

New Features

  • None


In this version there are some fixes and a couple new features. I've been working a lot this summer so development has been slow. But now I should be able to maintain Imgdl more frequently as well as post some of the other projects I've been working on.


  • The progress bar during downloads would sometimes not appear, this has been fixed.
  • Program would throw an exception if there was no Internet connection. This has been fixed.
  • Even with trying to bring form into view when out of bounds, some users still had issues with Imgdl still disappearing beyond the screen's dimensions on multi-screen environments, an option to have Imgdl start center screen instead of remembering the position has been added. This also a feature with the new system tray icon, described below in new features.
  • Performance fixes with memory.

New Features

  • Added an option to not remember form position. This would allow Imgdl to always start in center screen (Primary monitor).
  • Added the system 'Recently Used List' to the download path. This should make selecting folders easier when you change paths frequently. I was considering creating a 'favorites' option. This way you could pick as many favorite download locations and select them easily. *This feature is only active when the 'path to save directory' in options is blank*
  • Added a system tray icon. The option to center to screen should help 'find' Imgdl if it is out of bounds. This should center the form to the current monitor it is on.


This is being released before I felt it was ready but, for some reason that I haven't investigated seems to be the only version allowing downloads from Imgur. They have been changing some of their base code lately and I have been playing catch up.

The only known problem with this version is at the end of the download, there WILL be some unresponsiveness with the app. I am aware of this and will fix it for v0.34. This is just to get you folks downloading again.

I have been altering some of the threading procedures in the app and this known bug was being worked on.

Let me know if any other problems arise from this version.


Small update this version..

  • Fixed the progress bar from not displaying after the initial album is downloaded.
  • Added the option to auto number the downloads from the order they are displayed on the Imgur page. Thanks to Jordan Taylor for the suggestion!


This version adds the ability to download an Imgur user's entire album library!

This function may be a bit buggy but I have tested it with a few users and have had no problems so far. There were no fixes in this version, but will be tightening up some code soon.

Instructions: Click on 'Download type', then 'User album list', then type in the user name (only, no Example: zombieron


This release is to fix a minor bug introduced in v0.29. It is advised that everyone upgrade to this version.

v0.29 was collecting album information 2 times when downloading. Not only was this causing unnecessary bandwidth consumption for you, my server and Imgur, it may have also caused album download lists to be corrupted.


  • Forced a single instance
  • Moved settings to registry
  • Remembering form position on close
  • Skipping erroneous image download

The first change some will not see as a benefit since I have forced the program to only allow a single instance. I noticed that few users were downloading multiple large file albums at the same time. I personally don't think that is fair to Imgur and I have decided to curb that behavior. So as of v0.29 there is only a single instance allowed.

I have moved all settings to the Windows registry due to not understanding the 'Settings' feature in Visual Studio's options. Every upgrade would require an updating of the settings from one version to the next. It just made sense to keep the settings in registry and not have to worry about the settings moving over properly. So for the first time use of v0.29, you will have to go through the options again. But that should be the final time. Future revisions will just refer to those settings.

A new setting to be save in the registry is where the form was last closed. On start up it will remember that position and start there.

Now for the biggie! I've been trying to find a clean way to skip the erroneous file that halts the album download. This has been an issue for some users and it is typically due to a bad file name when parsing from the Imgur side. I will be cleaning it up even more but for now it will just skip the file and move on. In a future revision I will have a log kept of what file(s) were a problem and show that to you when the download is complete.

I have been playing around with a Google Chrome extension that would make downloading albums easier. When surfing Imgur with Chrome, on the album page you would just click the extension icon and it will open up Imgdl and start the download right away, with an option of closing it immediately after downloading.


It's been a couple of weeks since the last update but it was worth the wait. I feel this is the most stable version yet (I REALLY hope I don't eat those words!). I've been working on the background code for both the parser and program making things more solid.

I have added some options so that you can determine in which directory your downloads are sent to. So you can have one download root folder called 'Imgur Albums' and then each new album can be the name of your choosing. Example 'Pictures\Imgur\New Wallpapers' or 'Pictures\Imgur Albums\D3dsf'. You will also have an option of automatically opening that directory once download is complete.

Fixed completing the album even when there are errors. This has been a problem since the beginning and I know it aggravates a lot of folks, especially those who download large albums. This will allow the download to continue and keep track of the problem files.


This update provides some fixes for the following:

  • Save to path: Previously the download path was limited to %System&Pictures, I have set it to start at the root drive and you should now be able to save it where ever you want.
  • Parsing image names from Imgur: One user had and unfortunate time when a file name at imgur was save as extension + '?1'. This caused the file to 404 error (not found) as it was trying to find the name literally. Now the parser will remove any arbitrary characters around the extension.
  • Fixed some threading issues that were causing the program to hang when closing after at least one album has been downloaded. I've been working more on the multithreading side of this app and will continue making it better.
  • Added automatic checking for updates when the program starts.
  • Added a menu and removed the update button from the face, moved it to the new menu.

I did rush this update out as some people were not liking the save to path issue as well as the program hanging. By releasing this, I broke a personal rule of mine. I typically will only working on certain aspects of an app before releasing it. Working a portion until it's right and then moving on to the next thing is how I like to do things. This time around I was kind of all over the place so my apologies if some things that were working are not now. I am sure to test everything before I release it so hopefully not.


The release of v0.26 introduces a bunch of major updates, starting with the port of the program from Visual Basic to C#. On the face the program is identical, but the code underneath is all new. VB had some limitations that I was not keen to getting into. C# however is more powerful and more importantly..flexible.

The second major change is the use of multi-threading. In previous versions all calls were within the same thread, this led to a non-responsive program when there were delays in downloading. Now you can minimize and move the UI when downloading.

This version also introduced the defaulting of using SSL when downloading Imgur pics (if available) but will download non securely as a secondary attempt. During testing I was only able to find non-secure images to download so this is an untested function.

There are also some minor bugs fixed and without a doubt introducing some new ones. But that's the least for me :)

v0.24 - UI fix, added feature

Minor update that just enhanced the program visually as well as adding a version check instead of just redirecting to the online site to find out.

v0.23 - Minor bug fix

When parsing the Imgur code from the URL, the last forward slash '/' was not being removed. I don't know if this caused a download issue or a 404 error but I wanted to keep it clean.

I also adjusted the UI fonts as well as adding a more specific step 2. You were always able to add either the full Imgur URL ( or simply the code (d30sd).

The final change is the 'check for new version' button lands on the new Imgur Album Downloader category here on this site rather than the home page.


This minor update just adds some error control on the PHP side. If the album was incorrectly entered or no longer exists then it will alert you as such. Previously there was no error control and it would just hang.

Initial release:

Sometimes programmers create software for the most ridiculous reasons...Imgur album downloader is that program. While browsing Reddit recently and redditor Abscondita posted an Imgur link to an album dedicated to ass pics..browsing just a few of these my mind went immediately to 'how do I get all 828 of these on my computer'. I wanted them as a screen saver or a digital picture frame. Whatever reason, the ass was amazing and I wanted them quick.

Unfortunately Imgur doesn't offer a way to download a whole album, at least I don't think they do...if they did than I just pissed away some hours making this. I really just saw it as a challenge and went with it. When I started writing this, it was originally in PHP and Javascript with the intention to run it in Adobe's Air. I was interested in how Air worked and wanted something to test in the environment. So I wrote the Imgur parser in PHP and tried the to make the auto-downloader in didn't work. At least I couldn't get it to work. Now it's late and I didn't want to sleep until I had some type of working prototype. It as annoying me that I spent so much time with Javascript and failed, I had to try something. So I dusted off VB and made it work. I kept the PHP parser to do the server side work and just send the list to VB and allow it to download it locally.

I don't know if this will have an interest to anyone but myself but if you do, enjoy it!

Currently there is no real error control. so if you enter an invalid album or malform the link it will just hang there. I thought about some fail scenarios today on my way home from work and it really is not fail friendly. So 404, 301 errors and no network connections will be next.

Here is the download link

Here's how it works..imgdl.exe sends the album code out to a PHP on my server, which downloads the albums page then parses the album and extracts the file names, then sends that list back to imgdl.exe. Then imgdl.exe downloads all the files to whichever directory you choose..that's it!

I'd like to know what you think of it, if you have any long term use for it or any errors (other than what I described above) you encounter. Please post a message here or leave me a message on my Reddit