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Linksubmit: Version History

v2.0.1 - 12/02/2014

This update is the complete rewrite of the code that not only controls the redirect, but the control for the back end which will allow for the members section. One step closer to being able to administer your links. Group them, analyze statistics for singular links and groups. I have also added some error control as well as error logging for catching the bugs that appear. The logging will eventually alert you if your links report errors.

v1.0.7 - 11/16/2014

It's been two years since I have made any updates to Linksubmit. Not because of time restrictions or lack of interest, simply because it worked exactly as intended. It was fast, accurate and very stable.

This update fixes an issue discovered when I tried to use a Linksubmit link with BitTorrent's Sync (beta). One of the options is to pre-define the server location (called predefine host)

By creating a link with Linksubmit, eventually IPGrabber will have the ability to update these links so that they update automatically and never break comunication with a home-based server. That's my goal anyway.

When I tried creating this link to my home server, BT Sync would not accept the URL '' with a '?' before the link code ''. So I updated the accepting link to be '' or '' with the backslash.

So now all links can be either '?' or '/'. This will ensure continuity