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First off I want to say Ron, I love this program and use it all the time. It's simple easy and does exactly what I want it to do. I'm all for you doing a rewrite and update, just please keep in mind that one of the great features of your program is that you kept it small and simple. Not a lot of bells and whistles but what it does have it does very well. I'm totally willing to make a donation to a rebuild.

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I remember many years ago I got a job at a local computer shop. Their IT person who created the in-house accounting/customer software had quit and I picked up those duties. The first time I got to sit down properly with the software I cut the footprint in half as well as speeding it up significantly. It was like the scene in Armageddon when the crew gets the driller rig from the government and tears it down to all it's basic needed parts and still has a proper machine. Throwing parts out going "what the hell is this for?!"

I definitely hear what you are saying. I use imgdl a lot as well but I know others like yourself use it more. My goal was to gather ideas from all the users and see what we all came up with.

In the original code, I used a server based request so that I could also test things like data storage, indexing, searching etc. The data stuff has been discontinued long ago but it still relies on server-side operation. That is one thing that will change.

Indexing, meta tags, batch renaming. These are more of the ideas that I had. But more to the front of the line is the coding structure that would allow updates more easily.

Currently it's written in C#, I will be rewriting it in C++ so that I can port it over to OSX and Linux Desktops.

So rest assured it won't be all blinky and flashy but more solid project built around the ideas of people like you.

Ron Fitzgerald

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