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Software Projects

This is a list of software that I have created for various reasons. Some projects may be maintained regularly as others may be abandoned due to time, result or lack of interest.

If you are interested in some of the code that is used in certain projects, you can search in my snippet repository (coming soon).

Current Projects

imgdl (formerly Imgur Album Downloader)

imgdl is an ad free, cost free (free as in beer), easy to use tool that lets you easily download complete albums and user album collections from Imgur and Minus.


  • Download entire albums from and
  • Download entire user album collections from and
  • Fast album parsing for quick downloads.
  • Number your images as they appear in the album for consistent viewing.
  • Name your images the title (imgur only).
  • Name your download folder the album name.
  • Option to open downloaded folder for immediate viewing.
  • No installer!

Linksubmit is a URL shortening program based in PHP 5. I designed the code for this redirecter in early 2003. Links were getting out of control in length and I just wanted a way to share them. Services like TinyURL and weren't available that I knew of (I kick myself in the butt for not making this more public back then). I created this just for myself out of necessity, and eventually lent the service out to friends who had business websites that wanted to track links.


Over the years there was only a few updates to the code because it was a simple input/output program and it was solid. It did what it needed to do back then and just some minor feature tweakings by request. When other people started using for tracking purposes I came up with a makeshift backend to compile the data being stored in MySQL and made some generic graphs.

I've decided to release this program for the public and recreate the statistics backend from scratch (in development). Currently the links are for a generic user, but soon you will be able to have an account with stored links that would be kept for metrics.


This program I created to send me text messages when my home IP address gets updated by my Internet provider. Due to my work schedule I tend to be away from home a lot and like to connect to my home server for various functions it has.

Upcoming projects

Apache Manager


This I created because I mostly code on my laptop. This allows me to change the local host configuration in Apache with various sites that I will be working with on the fly. Once setup, changing localhost settings takes seconds. Very useful!



This is a media directory cleaner that goes through my audio and video media folders and maintains naming conventions and structures. This project came to me when I was driving and the audio names on my iPhone were poorly named. I have a vast audio collection and it would be difficult to go through all of them. I am not lazy, I am innovative! I know there are programs available that do this but where is the fun in that?

I've signed up at the Gracenote developer site to use their API when calling for artist/album names for audio and IMDB for video lookups.