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It has been a long time since I have updated this site. I was messing about with different WordPress themes and discovered I really wasn't happy with anything. I started to create one from scratch but realistically could not find the time.

I've used Drupal in the past and wanted to give it another go. This allowed me to add some functionality that I felt missing from WordPress.

I have also added a choice of downloads between a .zip file and a simple installer. The installer is optional, but will store the app into the 'Program Files' directory and create a desktop icon.

I have more projects I will be releasing to see if anyone has any interest, both web services and applications.


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For some reason I can't post anything in the forums. Wanted to say that the new imgur layout broke the "use album title if available" feature. Thanks you.

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Thanks for the heads up about imgdl. I've also fixed the permission issues for the forum. So thanks doubly!

Ron Fitzgerald

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Hello... I've tried to sign up for the forum so I could make requests or show errors, but haven't been activated yet.

also, I was wondering if you could put in an option to import a text file with lists of urls to download? I sometimes want to download more than 1 album at a time, and sometimes it takes hours for it to download...

Also, could you have it display the directory name that it generates, maybe right abouve the 'Downloading image " status?

A possible error/but that I've seen is if the directory that is listed on imgur has characters that cannot be used as file names in it, then the program ends without doing anything... I don't have an example right now, but I've had this happen to me a couple of times, so I had to specify the name of the folder instead of have it autogenerate. If you could maybe have the program change the characters that can't be used to a "_" (underscore), that would be great!

[btw, I'm using Windows, so that might be a part of the problem, since I don't know any other OS]



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I think your forum account was removed in a list of spam accounts, sorry about that.

It should (should!) replace special characters already with underscores. It's possible the character it is receiving was not expected so it needs to be added to the list of characters.

Ron Fitzgerald

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Ok... the character was the pip '|'... if that helps.


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Do you have an example you can show me? You can PM me or email me separately if you want to.

Ron Fitzgerald

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